Sprouting from fresh soil

the tip of me feels the warm sun

a new shoot standing alone


“not sure what happened to winter” the woman says

“it’s taken a vacation,” I say

“yeah that’s for sure.”


an interaction and she likes my dancing dog

so does her grandson

they miss her when I’m not there

we haven’t introduced ourselves officially yet

I’m still sifting through dirt

dropping seeds in rows waiting for the right weather

to bring in some kind of harvest


so I stand waiting, swaying to and fro

for my son to get out from school

it’s hard being uprooted and moved

takes awhile to bond with the new ground

cracks move like lightning shards across the surface

weakening the roots that hold me in place


he doesn’t care for our dancing dog…at least not in front of his new friends

“she’s a girly dog Mum. It’s embarrassing. Maybe if she was a cattle dog like Sonny.”

But she’s a westie with the grunt of a cattle dog if not the size

I get it

he walks on the other side of the road ignoring us

but he’s glad I’m there just the same…that I do know

we’re all messed about

seasons won’t right themselves


and as much as I like the warmth

I’d welcome a cool change

prune back the rough edges

sow a crop and wait

to relax and enjoy a colourful spring

when and if

it decides to arrive

but these days seasons may change

but not necessarily

in the usual way



For dverse poetics: Seeding


10 thoughts on “Propagation

  1. each of the seasons is important and has its place…funn…as much as we want them by the time they are supposed to be changing we are usually ready for the change…i wonder if our seasons arent gonna flip soon, as erratic as they have been…and you know your son still needs you, we all go through that phase it seems…smiles.

  2. Very hard for a child to adjust to a new school, I think. (Ha, and I am sure a ‘girlie dog’ wouldn’t help. LOL.) And, as for seasons, it does seem that seasons in so many parts of the world are a bit off kilter this year. What had been fairly predictable as far as weather seems less and less so.

  3. What we know from past gardens can only help when we have to start over. I see tolerance and understanding go in with the re-plantings right along with love for a preteen son. beautiful poem. It made me feel the effort, the tiredness, the wish for certainty that we may never have again.

  4. Isn’t it great how dogs and gardens draw people together? Even if she embarrasses your son, the day may come when he will welcome the attention from girls when he walks her. The poem–lovely, metaphorical.

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