And They All Lived…


“I want to be a pretty girl, a princess”

Oh no, I thought, Oh no you don’t

but princesses have crowns and happy ever afters

didn’t we think that once

a long time ago in a faraway land

where dragons flew

and a handsome prince on his white steed galloped through the forest

slaying wild beasts, saving us from all that was bad


“I take care of people I’m good at that” she said

her brown eyes proud

“and I’ll be a pretty girl”

She is and she will be, of that there is no doubt

already she’s groomed to fulfil her role


but how I hope she’ll never be someone’s princess

princesses are bound, kept like precious stones

a dust cloth for egos forever in need of polishing

barbie dolls on parade


so old fashioned yet still real

everywhere you look

the facade of the princess

on magazine covers, music videos and television

reality shows on how to marry a prince

no matter how far we’ve come…we slip just a little further down

for ratings, the advertiser’s dollar or maybe that lousy fifteen minutes


“I’m sure you’ll be a beautiful princess,” I say

her princess is different, a fairytale that’s her own

locked in a little girls imagination


I can’t help

but shudder.


One thought on “And They All Lived…

  1. i am all for different princesses…smiles…ones that dont wait for the fairy tales to be made for them, but make their own…find their own….the story we are sold about princesses is pretty disgusting…from body type, to attitude to…

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