So Many Spaces… Really

Rowing on mercury seas

water merging with heavy skies


“you can’t save it…’’

I’m standing alone in an empty car space

“My car’s broken down and I’m waiting for service.”

She shakes her head, throws her hands in the air

Yeah, like I wanted my car to breakdown and ruin HER day!


calm silence…sighs

slow methodical rowing

casting ripples

stretching, stretching outward


They drive up and down the esplanade at night

homeless, alone, nowhere to go but see the sights

under dulled lights

parking in empty spaces

I can see her, “you can’t save it!”

it’s mine all mine…”


he’s alone, so tiny on the bay

slowly putting distance between himself and the shore

heading out to a blurred horizon

so much empty space in which to get lost

quiet solitude for the soul


and I hear him whisper… “I can save it… Its mine all mine”

if only for a moment

a gem saved

until the turning of the tide

brings him home



for dverse poets Meeting the Bar : Repetition Repetition Repetition


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