The Last Dance Upon the Shore

Alone in a scalloped skirt

diagonal swirls curling down

a flamingo shell frozen

mid twirl

left by your partner

the sea


a smoothed down wallflower

on the shore with other embellishments

of the dance



in brittle confusion

amongst pockmarked coral


and too course to touch


your gentle heart broken

in pieces

against sun hardened sponges

their scratching surfaces filing away

your fragile armour


how you long for the smooth body

that you trusted

to hold you

on your journey

who tossed you

so carelessly

into the harsh void



a translucent beauty


just waiting for the music

to begin again


for Writers Fourth Wednesday: The Art of Touch


4 thoughts on “The Last Dance Upon the Shore

  1. nice….the corral section of brittle confusion…and the longing to smooth the body you trusted to hold you on the journey—both very effective in this di….a tender close too waiting for that music…

  2. This is outstanding…full of textured items and emotions..especially I like the flamingo shell and it hurts to bump into course brittle coral

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