Recreation Gives Meaning.

Mangrove Woman











Drawing by Dianne Turner


Recreation Gives Meaning.


I’ll admit the world as a whole this last seven months or so has been bereft of meaning, for me at least. When I do switch on the news to keep up to date I feel somehow all meaning is lost. The tragedies that befall others, the way people treat each other makes me feel all humanity has disappeared. I wonder how it is there are so many character disturbed individuals in this world, who treat it and others with such disdain. It saddens me so, that I have had to switch off at least during this time when I must recreate meaning in my own slice of this world in which I live.

Maybe I am being selfish but after the life I thought I had was violently uprooted I did indeed believe the world itself had no meaning. All I had ever believed in so profoundly was thrown into disarray. I had put such faith in love, family, honesty, working hard and creating a home and in an instant it crumbled. What was, went. Like an emotional cyclone that flattened everything that was standing solidly. Or as I look back, perhaps not so solidly just a perfectly constructed façade that never really had a chance. Yet foolishly I had believed in it…passionately.

Strange, as it seems miles away now and it is, in both distance and sometimes, emotion. Though emotion has a way of reaching you to pull you back down just when you thought it was over. Still, I have worked hard trying to reconnect to the new world that faces me. Each day I walk the sands of a new place feeling how it moves beneath my feet. The shapes, the imperfect pieces that scatter shores, the way the sky is so open here though it is still the same sky, how the turquoise coloured waters react beneath rain clouds that hover above them. I try to find the distinctive poetry of this new place, in the land and in the faces of the people. It’s there, I know it is and tentative connections are being made. I can feel it tingling beneath my skin as the breath of this new world washes over me and I start to move with it, not against it.

Today, for the longest time I looked at a small mangrove, its roots stretching over the rock. I imagined the tips of its roots inching in between the crevices securing its place. Ensuring it stayed put despite the weather coming in over the bay. I’ve always admired mangroves for their strength to stand, to protect, live, in the most fragile of places. How they create a strong boundary like they are working together in order to grow strong. They do not break away, they band together to face whatever comes their way. And if they do go solo, out there on their own it’s a new strength, one of recreation and the birth of a new tribe.

That’s how I know this world still has meaning. It is in the book of nature that surrounds us daily and it is there within the freshness of each day’s page I find the greatest strength, the greatest knowledge and the greatest passion. All things in nature connect, it’s how it has always been and always will be. When we disconnect from nature, we disconnect from the very force that gives us all we will ever need. It shows us how to unite, how to nurture, how to grow and face challenges and it shows us the importance of bonding. We are part of this world, we need this world and it will always have meaning if we search for it and embrace it.

So here I am reconnecting and beginning to find myself in the nature of my new surroundings. I have replanted myself and my roots search through crevices for a strong foothold. Together with my son we weather each storm coming in and stand strong. We are a family learning a new way to survive. It’s a beginning not an end. I embrace it and all the fears that may come. It’s called love and I never really lost that in the first place, for that I am grateful.


For Kellie Elmores #FWF

“It might be possible that world itself is without meaning”    Virginia Woolfe Mrs Dalloway


6 thoughts on “Recreation Gives Meaning.

  1. yes it is the book of nature…that we can read if we go out in it…
    and its hard when everything we knew is torn away…i have been there…
    a long time ago…and for several years my life meant nothing…
    and i tried to fill that gap with many things….

    • Thank you Brian for your comment. It’s hard filling those trauma caused gaps. I have had to forge ahead, sometimes despite how I feel as my son is the most important person. So that has kept me balanced even at the lowest times. It has taken a while but I think we are now feeling better and realise that life can be happy and normal.

  2. Diane, thank you for this hopeful post. I have yet to move house to remake my home and identify completely with what you say here about reconnection with nature and knowing the world has meaning. x

    • Thanks Polly, I hope you get to remake your new home soon. Funny, today I was putting up a new bookshelf (becoming quite the handy woman ha ha) and your lovely poetry book is now housed with Jack Kerouac, Frank Ohara and Tim Burton and the Dverse Anthology. I do hope you like the company. It was nice to get my fave books together in one place! 😉

  3. reconnecting can be a good thing. perhaps when you’re feeling down the most, imagine it all as a journey with some destination yet unknown. i like to think of life as a mystery that slowly unfolds.

    this was a very meaningful and heartfelt write. i enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

    stacy lynn mar

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