Knock Knock, Who’s There…The Top Of The World

Journey’s to the top of world
Start with smiles
Warmth radiates beating off the bitter cold
Swishing away swirling rain
With the waving of hands
Singing, dancing
There’s too much happiness to fall into and feel
To let a cold sting touch my heart
I feel it…feel it… feel it
Honest, simple joy
My body moves effortlessly and yet theirs struggles
But with hearts open to the wonder that is life
They find a rhythm all of their own
I find their beat in my own heart
I feel it… feel it… feel it
They teach me
Not the other way round
I wiggle my hips into it
tap, tap, tap,
I knock on the door
to the top of the world
and it opened




I had a wonderful opportunity this week to work with some fantastic kids who battle so many difficult issues. Talk about a learning experience. It was one of the most beautiful days I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to work with them again. I feel incredibly lucky I get to this kind of work.

Linked up to dversepoets Meeting the Bar: Your Own Beat


12 thoughts on “Knock Knock, Who’s There…The Top Of The World

  1. oh yes – journeys like this start with smiles… sounds like a really good time you had with those kids – and i think it’s so important as well to try to feel their beat to get that connection and climb the top of the world together

  2. I feel your great joy in this poem, joy in the rhythm of life. We can learn much from children, I think, in the way they approach life and enjoy the moment!

  3. This poem seems to come so straight from your heart. Those kids really tapped on something very special within you. Glad that you feel so joyous working with them. How wonderful!

  4. Well I’m not sure you wrote for my post today. ??? You didn’t emphasize the stresses. I note the others read for subject. I found that it was irregular – full of trochees bumping up against iambs. It was free verse but did you learn anything about the rhythm of your free verse? Hmmm.

    • I am sorry if it doesn’t fit the bill for your prompt. I came in late, this was just a first draft and really didn’t have time to work that aspect in as per the prompt. I can appreciate that you take time to write your prompt and would like the poems to fit so again my apologies. I guess for me something in your prompt “own beat” did fit what I was inspired to write about somewhat weakly. I was just glad to be inspired to write about something different that lifted me up out of personal dark hole so for that I thank you very much. And maybe irregular might just suit the subject somewhat as somethings in life are irregular but have a completely natural rhythm within the circumstances. Maybe I can rewrite it or something different that may come closer to what you were looking for as I do enjoy writing poetry and endeavour to learn more.

      • No I’m sorry. I should have been more understanding. I didn’t mean to be rude. It seemed rather frustrating that I wasn’t able to convey what I wanted the article to do and that fault lies with me. Actually your rhythms were your own and they tripped along rather well in iambs and anapests. I should have been more deliberate and deconstructed your poem more carefully. Please forgive my words and the manner I conveyed them. The fault is all mine!

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