Realisation of Arrival

Realisation of Arrival


The morning brought with it the aroma

Of the night shower

Droplets reflecting the smiling sun

I drove through the bush

Watching clouds play shadow puppets on the hills

A glorious morning stage

Cows congregate beneath the palm tree

A tropical retreat

And I drove, sweet blossoms on the wind

Breathed on the wind through my open window

I felt the world

I could go anywhere

Be anyone

I tripped on strings of violins

Becoming the music


My pen inks of change on pages penned

There is power, my power, theirs

I dream these women to drive this road

On this morning

Or tomorrow morning

Even next year

Leave fear in that rear-view mirror and never see it reflected back again


It’s in the smile of this morning

And a road that can lead anywhere

Sweeping through my new landscape

My arrival is sweet freedom

In the lifting of silence

I’m on the road



Written for

I haven’t written for a little while, well not poetry busy writing for change in domestic violence laws. I still believe in the power of the pen. Anyway this morning I had this beautiful drive…and this is it pretty much as it came to me. Hope this fits for got change: Writer’s fourth Wednesday. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Realisation of Arrival

  1. A lovely poem and I’m so glad you had a good morning. I am most struck by the same sentence as Polly. Isn’t it wonderful how sometimes the poem just comes to us fully developed. Bravo!

    So glad you joined us at Bardo today, Diane. Thank you! 🙂

  2. I tripped on strings of violins

    Becoming the music….that made me smile…and it is a noble cause that you are pursuing as well…domestic violence…any violence is heartbreaking and we need to make people aware…and the pen can do that…

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