Creations of Frustrations


She laughed in the mirror of Pellegrinis

Sipping her coffee from a glass

Watching the man watching her

Reflections, flirtations, admirations

specifications, intimations and imitations

rumination over implications

of possible insinuations

resulting in invitations, situations and interpretations

trepidations over expectations

of impending personal relations


speculations, examinations, considerations

of income estimations, implementations,

marital preparations

renovations and excavations

laughing again her reverberations

suddenly became exaggerations

of all her hidden aberrations

he counted several qualifications

this culminated in his reservations


in summation such illuminations

resulted in ramifications of impending suffocations

all implications of these explanations

led to eradications of his inclinations and fascinations

filled with such agitations

he left her with imaginations

as she quietly sipped away her aspirations

and muttered all manner of imprecations



Written for dverse poets Meeting the Bar: I’ve got a little list


I do apologise but I couldn’t help myself once I got started but it was a lot of fun! 🙂


17 thoughts on “Creations of Frustrations

  1. When daydreams and reality coiilde … sigh.

    You’ve had way too much fun doing this. It puts me in mind of the way the INXS song Mediate is put together, which is something I’ve been thinking about for a future MTB prompt … hint, hint.

    • Thanks Tony for the prompt, thoroughly enjoyed myself! I haven’t tapped into dverse much over recent months mainly due to time constraints but had some free time tonight and thought I’d go to the pub…so glad I did! Will def look out for your next prompt! 🙂

  2. So many lists you have in here – perhaps the most in all the entries I have read and yet you weave them together, connect them so well – very clever writing,

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