It’s Only a Name…Or is It?


It feels contrived

seeing myself in my name

when the birds fly off in a different angle

ink from a pen blots the page

and the paintbrush is stationary

it has been for sometime


It’s the hurdle into the second

part of me

that causes me to stumble

that’s where the strength lies, cracking slightly

but it’s there – playing peek-a-boo

Anger causes a pause

an ‘ A’ half written – very interesting…hmm

but that’s where it’ll rest for now

I’m only halfway through – there’s so much life to live


The last name is irrelevant… it’s an adoption…a beautiful friend

Pointed out



When I was little I wrote stories and brought my friends along…

we  were crusaders fighting ghosts, vampires

and other dark foreboding creatures

lurking in the overbearing shadows

it’s kinda the same now

“your writing might help someone one day,” she said…


and the blot expands into abstract shapes

it sits there daring me to fix it, control it

reshape it somehow

but maybe…

it just is




Written for dversepoets Meeting the Bar: Things we See


9 thoughts on “It’s Only a Name…Or is It?

  1. the last name as an adoption is pretty cool…we have as much life to live yet as we want you know…i think the blot is what it is you know…maybe more…maybe less….all in who is looking at it and what they see in it…

  2. I enjoyed the part where you said as a little child you wrote stories and took your friends along….writing them into the plot. What fun really! And I like the ending with the blot expanding into abstract shapes. That’s life, I think….

  3. Yes, maybe the blot “just is,” indeed. So much of life is beyond our control. If plans don’t work out exactly how we think they should, that can be alright, sometimes even better.

  4. Interesting.. particularly in the old fine occult art of numerology.. as the names we have are what our parents who share our similar genetics see in us before and time of birth…

    But the limiting factor is the way this new creation of us.. is more than the sum of two parts..

    And even three names is not enough per first.. middle.. and last.. to grasp this new human that a couple comes to make…

    i suppose some folks change it.. as they know.. they are..
    more than sum of the parts.. that made them..

    at core of human being.. that has no names…

    or words.. as is.. simply being living life…

    as is….

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