Just Hanging Around in the Playground of Fractions

I am climbing a three
to get to the top
slipping down the curve
I loop my leg around the middle
and hang
upside down
the five beneath me
its belly jiggling
I am three fifths of the way up…dangling
five gives me a wobbly kind of balance
like a flat topped trampoline allowing me to bounce
four points a strange direction next to me
I’ll get there soon enough…the way is clear
it’s a practice run to the top
to get to ONE at the end of this equation
where I’ll pull myself up
and balance precariously like everyone else
as a whole person…
ha ha… a fraction of one at least!



Between work and study have been finding it difficult to find time for poetry but managed this morning… I wonder what I am studying at the moment…Argh!! Maths!! My worst subject at school but finding I am beginning to like it…I think! 😉

For dverse Poetics in not so real world


13 thoughts on “Just Hanging Around in the Playground of Fractions

  1. ha. fun play with numbers…i may need to share this with my algebra kids…they would get a kick out of it…i imagine they feel a bit crazy trying to get to the end of some of the equations that i throw at them….

  2. ohoh… math was never my strong side… and i could get lost in trying to climb out those equations easily… fun image… and here’s to more imagination in algebra…smiles

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