And so this is Christmas…So do the best you can!


Christmas is just one day

We tear the wrapping, step into it

We indulge and move through it with smiles

Some pasted, some real

It depends because after all

It’s just another day

In 365 days of the year

And on this one day

We love a little more, speak words of peace

And we wish everyone a merry day

Of course we mean it

And for some the meaning is stronger

Those who for 365 days of every year

Walk with love, walk with peace and share their hearts

Helping those who need the spirit of Christmas

Just not on one day but the whole year through

Those who appreciate this is a day

Wrapped up in pretty paper

A day when we are bombarded with love, happiness and peace

And perhaps they give up their Christmas

To sit on the end of phone lines and listen to those who are lonely

Or serve food to those who are hungry

Give a blanket to those who are cold

We all deserve to celebrate a day of love and happiness

A Merry Christmas

But for those who feel the Merry is a little hard to get around

The paper on this day will be thrown away

So take a deep breath, move through it the best you can

And give the gift of love to yourself

Who knows maybe we can re-gift that love in the following 364 days

Put a little bit of merry in every day for someone else

And make a difference that lasts more than one day







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