The Lady Next Door Played Her Piano

The lady next door played her piano
Her soft music filtered into the quiet night
Cradling me in her melody
So peaceful, so sweet like a lullaby
Such alien beauty not often heard
In the suburbs

The lady next door played her piano
I imagined her fingers softly dancing over the keys
She played for herself
And I sat quietly, lost in the beauty
In the silence the music fell like soft rain
The trees in standing ovation beneath the moon

The lady next door played her piano
Wrapping the night in soft tissue
Twinkling stars ornating it with a bow
I skipped upon each note to a place
Only I could venture
Her music paved the way
I sat in her unknown audience
Awed by the flawless beauty
She was composing upon the night.

Last night I had the pleasure of listening to my new neighbour playing her piano. She created the most beautiful feeling in the space around me. It was fantastic. I’ve heard her sing before she also has the most beautiful voice. I think how lucky am I, so I thought I’d share this poem, if only I could share the music.

For dverse openlink, I have only been writing rather spasmodically due to work and study commitments but thought I’d share this with dverse. I do wish I had more time to post more often, it’s like all my creative endeavours have taken a back seat at present. Nice to join up this week! 🙂


13 thoughts on “The Lady Next Door Played Her Piano

  1. How wonderful to have a GOOD pianist next door. I really enjoyed this poem celebrating her. I wonder if she has any idea that others nearby enjoy her playing. It must be like having a private concert. I am jealous. Smiles.

  2. What a gift to listen to someone who plays very well ~ I recall my brother in law playing in the house before and it was joy to listen to the notes ~ Good to see you Di ~ Hope you are well ~

  3. What a wonderful neighbour to have.. I can feel the music washing through the space.. Just listening.. The daughter to one of our neighbour plays the harp, and it’s divine to hear the music coming through.. So much better than lawn-movers… 😉 nice to see you Di, it’s been a while.

  4. What a lovely experience…the ambience comes through in your piece, Di. I felt like taking a deep breath and letting the soft caress of music float through the air around me. Thanks for putting this into words!

  5. oh nice.. she sounds like a neighbor i would love to have… once i asked my neighbor if he’s annoyed when i or my daughters are playing the piano but he said not at all – he loves to listen…

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