Little Handshake

Her little hand a template

Placed on a rock wall

Ochre red dusted between her fingers

As she pulls away her hand I can hear her giggle

A smile that lights up the ages

Beaming up at her father

What a wonder

She would have thought

And it is

Some 35,000 years later or more

To comprehend this little girl’s hand

A handshake that reaches through

an ostracisation of indefinite time

I can see her clearly

Her smile through a wormhole

But could she ever have imagined


A poem for dverse Poetics: Muses from History


9 thoughts on “Little Handshake

  1. Nice. I like the connection you give across the ages, as if we could touch the hand that was there before.

    My wife and I have been watching Outlander as well, so this was an easy “see” for me.

  2. Cave art is fascinating; your piece is lovely. Puts me in mind of Werner Herzog’s superb documentary, CAVE OF FORGOTTEN DREAMS (2010).

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