Road Trip


Driving with the window down

it’s hot

velocity gives birth to a warm breeze

in the stale humid air

it smooths over my face and messes up my hair

feeling the beat of the music

I fall into the rhythm of my space

green hills growing before me

storm clouds shadowing the tree tops

I am chasing white lines

til the end

a journey without judgement

freedom on a road

that’s mine and no one

can take it away

except maybe the semi-trailer I think to overtake

and then quickly drop back

catching my breath at the risk

I smile…it’s a charge and I am in charge

my heart can love the unlovable

it won’t hurt me

I am free to choose

there amidst the simple beauty of a new world

growing around me

every tree responds

the grass on the side of the road whispers unknowns

mysteries revealed on a personal canvas

and I love that some things cannot be captured and held

free moments that are given vanish just as quickly

simplicity in the moving spirit of the world

blowing us a quick kiss


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