Sunset on the Road near Kolan River


An orange setting sun glowed

A ball of fire resting upon green hills

Juxtaposed against a pastel bruised sky

Of purple and pink

Ripples on the Kolan River reflect an abstract effect

Around a dead tree standing that lives

Once more above the shimmer

While a pelican paddled in the warm swampy



On the highway I follow the long vehicle’s

Orange lights toward the dusky end of a day

All the time I think I am running

Running to a point where I rest on my own sideline

In the peace of a pastel landscape

Paddling in the shimmers of an ordinary day

Each turn fuels a different landscape

It fills the senses with another purpose

Life is a series of turns

An exchange with the nature of things

A castaway on roads untraveled

Loving the question marks hiding in the shadows of trees

Who’ve lived longer than any man

I don’t need the photograph just the experience

Of admiring the power of an orange orb pendant

Hanging in the middle of a sky

Shining on its own




This is an older poem that I thought might suit the prompt at dverse for poetics  I don’t do any overseas travel but I like to wander and take road trips to new places in my own neck of the woods. If interested I have listed some recent trips here at Coastal Wanderings Blog Happy poetry adventures! 🙂


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