Voices Unheard


Each night she sits in her fold up chair

beneath the street light outside her house

and sings

sings so the world can hear her

her voice carries on the cold night air

a young girl filled with dreams

in the spotlight of the lonely street

her audience hidden behind windows

they hear her in the moments of silence

between ads and lulls in action

but she keeps singing

despite their ignorance



he smiles

as he says the words that shock

an arrow who knows his target well

sometimes he tries so hard

moments where things seem to fall in place

he’s eight years old

no regard for authority

and he keeps smiling

as he paints his yellow brick road to nowhere

hoping no one gives up on him




In the low lamplight she writes

unloads her feelings on to paper

while the kids sleep

she slides the pen across the page opening up

yet needing closure

the door remains locked

and so she writes

until her fingers pain

working through her fears


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