A Butterfly with Broken Wings




A flicker of black tissue spotted with white

Landed on my back lawn

It was a butterfly

His wings moved like slow deep breathing

Up and then down, up and then down

Suddenly he was motionless

Something about the way he stuttered to the ground

I thought perhaps he was dying…poor little thing

Then quickly he took off, dainty, lopsided, not quite right

His fragile chitin wings unable to catch the breeze

His equilibrium lost, unable to fight the world

That demanded balance and perfection to perform

He tottered, Morse coding the air in a desperate tap dance

While a bug took a dive at him

So once more he came to rest upon my lawn

Some places are safer I guess…for the not quite together

Away from the gaze of predators, who bully, cajole and thwart

A chance at survival or a step up to fly

Quietly, slowly I inched toward him and saw the cause of his distress

Tattered wings never to regrow

He fluttered away again, fighting the bluster of the day for a scintilla of a go

I left him hoping for a peaceful breeze to carry him onward safely

Along with all the other lopsided butterflies

Who fight daily for a change

In the weather





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