What Happens When You Can’t Think


You watch vampires

that’s what happens

rather appropriate really

when the heat, study, writing and just each breath of living

drains you to the point of emptiness

only without an immortal timeframe

and still a beating heart

that yearns for a speck of hope

in the unending days of trapezing

the fickle fractured moments

of getting on with things

swinging high toward the big top

watching the pinnacle getting closer

then seeing it slip away

losing your grip

and falling

into the infernal continuous bouncing on the net


knotting up in its embrace

swim down, swim down… the Dory inside screams

even though you want to swim up

take a breath

and swing once more

and triple somersault

landing with two feet together

armed with a stake

to turn the next darn vampire

to dust.


4 thoughts on “What Happens When You Can’t Think

  1. Good to see you again. Writing not always easy to commit the time. Life has been demanding and I find myself searching for time to do what I love. When you can’t think… Try to take deep breaths- sometimes it helps.

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