A Betting Life


“and they’re racing,”

his striking blue eyes light up

as he watches the race… “Hoola Blue, that’s what I need.”

in the busy bar we watch the screen and egg on ol Hoola Blue

for him…

“ah it’s only money,” he says when Hoola – Blue it at the post!

he studies form, dots and dashes another ticket

takes out fifty and leaves it on the table

and hobbles away with his cane

his new found somewhat younger mate pins the note

to his other tickets with his pen

and the bar manager comes by later

asking whether he’s left his money or lost it

it’s there waiting for him

Ol Bill laughs on return…”ah it’s only money” he says again

he’s a regular and the men in the bar look out for him

a mateship over a few beers and racing

he tells us about his son and daughter and the day he won big

on a quadrella

he’s at home, out an about, his mind quick, his old body a little slow

waiting for another big win

he smiles, his blue eyes youthful despite his age

“ah it’s only money.”


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