Ah Grasshopper

Here’s proof  you can find a poem hiding in the strangest of places. As I did this morning.


Ah Grasshopper


Lil grasshopper’s future prospects hinge

on a door opening

he clings upon squeaks of prophecy

flurries of anxiety fill him with each

“sssqqueeeeeech…ka bungungungung, click”

he holds on to the hope, he’s made the right choice

each flush causes him to hold his breath

awaiting another squeak of the door

I think… “Ah Grasshopper” a symbol of good luck,

prosperity and happiness, hanging from the bottom hinge

of a toilet stall door, silently gasping

in this strange glossy stainless steel landscape

“I do wish you luck.”

for we all wander blindly…just wondering

“did we make the right decision?”

in this multiple choice exam

of  life.


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