When the World Got the Mumps


Once upon a time there lived a lump,

Not a rump, nor a bump just any angry little lump

He didn’t like the other lumps

He did not like them, not one little bit

They made him splutter, they made him spit

He screamed, “they shouldn’t live in clumps!

They should be like us other lumps.”

This caused him to shiver, this caused him to fear

They were a different circumference, diameter and sphere

His face grew redder like a pimple so plump

And on his top surface grew orange gump

“This cannot happen, this cannot be, we cannot have lumps different to me!”

He did not like these other lumps, he did not like their ugly humps

So, he told lies, he told stories that injected a scare

That enraged millions of lumps everywhere

And so, they set forth in big clumps of lump

to bully, to punch and then to thump

Anything that stood apart from their type of lump

It was such a kerfuffle and hoo-ha, a crump

That the sad, little, lumps elected a Trump

To save them from their own dreary dump

Those silly little lumps threw the world in a slump

So, there’s no happy ever after, it’s just one mega flump

We’re stuck for four years with this bloody great lump!

© Dianne Turner 2016

Hear a recording of my poem here!




11 thoughts on “When the World Got the Mumps

  1. I love the end rhyming verses, smiles ~ I appreciate the sense of humor to the horrible news of political reality ~

    Thanks for joining us Di ~ Have a good day ~

    • Oh yes it was such awful news but must say I feel better after penning this and having a laugh at the debacle! Still whether I can continue to laugh that is another matter only time will tell!

  2. Well done. That said, Trump gave a voice to those unheard, those ignored by the establishment, the elite.
    I do not mean the bigots, the racists or the ‘deplorables’ Clinton insulted. Just the unheard the ignored who exist who are.
    Kind regards
    Anna :o]

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