Onion Code



Onion Code


Rejection sticks

A wound fixed in the heart

Never forgotten

As he stuffs groceries in a bag

He doesn’t think about rejection and

Where it got him

He is here now

He won’t say anything about the free onion…it’s our secret

Nor will he describe the layers of odourless hell that forced him here

It is his wound to bare…to fight against…to accept and live with wearing a smile

A chance in a world not keen on such creations of hope

Yeah, he looks odd

A square peg…courage is his name tag

We laugh over technology

I admire his untold story, his awkwardness amidst normal

I remember that…the more you try to fit the more you look not quite right

A grocery bag with colds amongst hots, shampoos with chips

When life has you jumping mud puddles and hovering above whirlpools

Treading against the gravitational pull

Drowning in rejection after rejection

Fighting the inner, the outer

Masking out the perceptions of an uncaring world

Strengthening that fighter within

Until the warrior emerges

And hands you your mixed-up groceries and you laugh acknowledging the code.



For Wednesday’s Writing prompt from The Poet By Day

One thought on “Onion Code

  1. Wow! Well done. Tugs at the heart but then rises above. Survival. I like it, Diane. Thanks for linking it in. Shall we share it next Tuesday on The Poet by Day? If you’re okay with that, then please send me the link thepoetbyday@gmail.com and a photograph (if you’re comfortable with that. I’ll use the bio from The BeZine unless you tell me otherwise. I would be delighted to have the priviledge of featuring you on my site. Be well, Dianne, and poem on. /J.

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