2020 vision




So have you got 2020 vision?

Any clarity to see what’s happening?

Take a look at Oz all aflame and out of control

does that clear the vision or are you still smog filled with denial

Just wondering…being that Australia may always have been in the path

for the first fallout of our climate


It wasn’t enough to say the polar caps are melting

Maybe it takes a country on fire

Do you see a political quagmire of what the hell do we do?

Yep…the scientists…the one’s in the know have been spouting off their mouths

for decades hoping we’d see…. you know SEE!!!

What does it take?

For the country to go up in smoke

Parched from lack of water

some towns trying to find even a drop to help put out the hell upon them

What on Earth does it take for a 2020 vision to ensue?

How on earth do you go on about your daily lives while watching a country burn

and catch the score of the cricket

This is  a pissed off poem

An angry vent at the ignorance that has got us here

Politician’s feathering their own nests at the expense of others

and a rich little man holding on to his minions controlling them through the press

silly old men mouthing their diatribe on the air waves

raving like lunatic’s who have long held sway over the asylum

Kinda makes you think…perhaps your ears and your vision was askew

Ah I know droughts and flooding rains are our history

makes for a damn good poem…sort of romantic, unlike this one!

Still what was our history and what will be our future

are two different time frames

An era long gone

2020 vision is what is required, the past is a figment and the future…a reality

How dare you…not see with 2020 vision

which more than likely in your denial may not see 2050

Clarity, critical thinking and some vision taken from words of wisdom

you know…scientists…those who know their shit

2020 if that’s not too much to ask

might work

when looking backwards sure as hell isn’t!












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