Art and Jewellery







Pandanus at Fingal Head (sold)


Pandanus at Noosa (sold)

News Flash

My Insight Article and demo is featured in this months  Artist Palette Magazine issue 97

This is just a snippet, more in the magazine plus a demonstration painting.









Here is one of my cuff bracelets from the Caribbean collection

I call this one Caribbean Punk!








Blowy Day At Fingal Head.

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My Etsy shop


7 thoughts on “Art and Jewellery

  1. Your art and jewerly are as wonderful as your poems. I believe that once we understand that we are creators, we can work in many different media. It is the creative process….the ability to connect with the Divine for inspiration and guidance that makes us artists regardless of what we are creating. Hugs, pat

  2. I LOVE Blowy Day at Fingle head – what an amazing, living piece – I can almost smell the salt water. And your jewellery looks like you plucked it right off a mermaid. You are very gifted!!

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