Flash Fiction and Prose

Here I’ll put some of my other writing and thoughts, I do hope you enjoy…

My entry for Bluebells Books Flash Fiction

Dying Hearts

Each time the beam of light from the lighthouse cast its glow through her window, lighting up the faces of her children and grandchildren, she felt sad for them. There they stood solemn, crying while they watched someone they loved wither away.  How hard it must be she thought, and yet she lay there, with her dying heart missing yet another beat, filled with excitement. Oh how she’d lived this life, the life given after the one she had longed for vanished with his sails on the horizon. She had loved them all; given them all she could give, save that small part that had ached, these 80 odd years.

 Now as she heard his voice, a slight whisper on the ocean breeze. “Carolyne, Carolyne,” she smiled. Her last heartbeat skipped onto that beach and there she waited, just as she had waited all those years ago. Her golden hair flowing, her dress billowing with the breeze and his heart was returning to the shore to be with her again.

Here’s my first entry in the Bluebells Book Flash Fiction/poetyr

not sure what yer call this un…

Yeah, once the ol body could take this ridin…not no more.

 I leave it to the youngens.

I let em wrestle them steers, now

Takes all my time to get on ol blue ere

Geez, I cain’t even get orff this damn horse without nearly bustin a hip

There was a time… ah I was true grit…ah… those were the days…

Doc says, I got the arthritis…hell…come that cold wind

I just freeze right up… ice cube in a tray… no movement at all

Is not right…well ya cain’t stop what’s comin…as they say…

So…hell…I’ll just sit right here on ole Blue…he ain’t  goin nowhere

We can gaze out across that prairie

I reckon I could darn near become legend

A cowboy frozen in time

Yeah…ya cain’t stop what’s comin…


14 thoughts on “Flash Fiction and Prose

  1. love it,
    the language you use is special and
    the interpretation of the image is creative and beautiful.

    Thanks for the contribution.

  2. This is wonderful! Very well done! My grndpa was still riding in his seventies, and I can still see him moaning and groaning when he’d climb down off my big ol’ horse, Amigo. Great write!

  3. Connections in the parting renewed. I think Flash Fiction a wonderful medium for this portrait. It enhances the notion of life diminished yet a spark of hope at the edge.
    Maybe I’ve made too much of it. You haven’t.
    It’s rich in feeling.

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