“All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent”. Edmund Burke   Prosper and “bring the boats” I couldn’t help myself, I laughed at the irony How an Australia was built on the blood, sweat and tears Of the immigrant… who came here by…yes… a boat! The fact … Continue reading

Sailing Lessons

It’s in the noticing Of a cloud witch on a big sky Throwing spells in tufts Of fluff   One, two, three You saw me…me you Felt the move across waves And thought for the briefest moment Perhaps   There was a hull lift Wind with a rain splice Capturing us all in the grace … Continue reading

Road Maps

Photo credit Ethan Turner      On the journey of the misunderstood many wrong turns are taken direct routes are never found if we could all get from a to b without getting lost we’d never know ourselves at all the perfect journey does not exist we are patchworks of the dirt on our soles … Continue reading

Barren Bouquets

  Oh dear you meadow saffron of summer how you propagate your poison, touching the faces and the hearts of the lonely for love but marigold hearts beat hard with only geranium dreams and evening primrose friendships you be not so naked ladies for soothsayers eyes see right through pasts follow, futures furrow in hardships … Continue reading

Ah Grasshopper

Here’s proof  you can find a poem hiding in the strangest of places. As I did this morning.   Ah Grasshopper   Lil grasshopper’s future prospects hinge on a door opening he clings upon squeaks of prophecy flurries of anxiety fill him with each “sssqqueeeeeech…ka bungungungung, click” he holds on to the hope, he’s made … Continue reading

Life Sentence

A photo I took this morning…If you look closely there’s a little black dot out beyond the pier…it was a man on a Stand Up Paddle board. He had the whole of the bay to himself on a perfect day. Just inspired me what a perfect place to be. (Hervey Bay Queensland).     Here … Continue reading

Potholes of Gold on the Road

a rainbow smiles hovering, upside down above the mountain as I drive past a hippy headband in a sun shower colourful graffiti peace spray painted upon the air pennies may hide beneath the gangster mob of trees deep in conversation at the end of the rainbow their leafy heads shimmer with soft specks of gold … Continue reading

Bush Spirituality

I am buried underneath the mangroves the only place I could breathe dirt smiles beneath my fingernails I hear the feet crunch of leaves upon cushions of sand where sunlight trickles through the gaps between leaves splash lighting the water lapping over roots a kookaburra laughs hysterically at my folly of hurting to love a … Continue reading