Just She

No divine God is she Nor gospel or ruler Only a smile from the heart when a smile is needed A root in the tree of knowledge with branches that reach out to all The sparkle in crystal clear water that gives us life A deep breath of air to calm us The land that … Continue reading

Onion Code

  Onion Code   Rejection sticks A wound fixed in the heart Never forgotten As he stuffs groceries in a bag He doesn’t think about rejection and Where it got him He is here now He won’t say anything about the free onion…it’s our secret Nor will he describe the layers of odourless hell that … Continue reading

Goat Herders

Two redheads selling white male privilege bestsellers in the United States and Oz hitting number one toiling hatred orators of propaganda and loathing pinning their fear on the lapels of the vulnerable bit like yellow stars of old patches of fabric with no starry night beauty no promise of kindness on the mistral just bitter … Continue reading

Soundtracks on a Road Trip

I was the screaming current of Baffle Creek heading toward the sea. Feeling the rain, feeling the headwind and the dizzy illusions of adventure. Like there was nothing and no one, except me, the world and the white lines. Snaking the wind with one hand and finding direction with the other. Counting crows and the … Continue reading

When the World Got the Mumps

  Once upon a time there lived a lump, Not a rump, nor a bump just any angry little lump He didn’t like the other lumps He did not like them, not one little bit They made him splutter, they made him spit He screamed, “they shouldn’t live in clumps! They should be like us … Continue reading

This is Not a Love Song Yet

  A smidgen of a full moon cushioned in clouds feeling your smile curl me up into a love song stuck in a glass bottle world glowing with humid lamplight I see life like an old movie screen cracking through louvres laughter over the wafting of steak cooking on coals in the glasshouse of immediacy, … Continue reading

Beach Fire

  “I would rather die of passion than of boredom” Vincent Van Gogh       Oh, bohemian beach man Aragorn of my wild heart May dragons on the rocks surface Breathe fire between the stones Heat searing through cold crevices Until the air between us burns And the incoming tide sweeps over Cooling with … Continue reading

A Letter To You

    Dear you, Today would have been another wedding anniversary for me. A ticking off of another year of pain but it has been over now for nearly three years.  Wow nearly three years, and here I am happy and free. You’re thinking remembering my anniversary, how strange.  And it is. I am sombre … Continue reading

Clouding Over

      Love is but a cloud one that drifts across the blue lifting us with its silver lining dreams in the small increments of time that it gives us   and then… it moves on leaving us empty and afraid of being one lonely cloud cast adrift   we float on wondering should … Continue reading

Free Spirit

From Creative Commons     Often I float on breezes designed by my soul pieces of me drift away into my daydreams where people I love reside   on notes of music I ride the impulse to dance crafting my soundtrack on which to move through the world with energy, compassion   sometimes obsession that … Continue reading