Missing Poetry

I miss poetry Under a tree Words lilting on the breeze Feathers carried upon whispers Softly landing Where the next stanza Begins Again Pollinating Rhymes And Rhythms Into the air For birds to pick up words Passing them to each other With the cadence of butterfly wings Stuttered fluttering Fragile yet strong I miss poetry … Continue reading

2020 vision

    So have you got 2020 vision? Any clarity to see what’s happening? Take a look at Oz all aflame and out of control does that clear the vision or are you still smog filled with denial Just wondering…being that Australia may always have been in the path for the first fallout of our … Continue reading

New Year’s Resolution

  When it comes to the old New Year’s Resolution I am about as pathetic as the next person. If I am lucky it lasts for two hours, perhaps even the whole of the first of January and then fizzles out down to the quick of my sparkler. So no New Year’s Resolution, but this … Continue reading

Symphony of Extinction

She shows you her pain When all you can do is lean into the dry, empty, wind and complain While she extracts your energy and flattens it across the land With a rasping, angry growl…you hear her roar in the dead of night Coming at you, and a small dogs bark is but a faint … Continue reading

Natural Impression

  Nature’s hand paints tranquility boldy with rigour and wildness insects create the gentle ripples the breeze a delicate shiver sunlight drills through glazing the canvas with a delicate light offering shadows a stage such stillness in subtle movement a Monet impression alive and real each stroke by the hand of a world left free … Continue reading

Prologue to an Epilogue: Mother

        Prologue to an Epilogue Centuries ago there was a lesson we failed to learn When we seared our white privilege down a barrel Into the hearts of the original custodians of our lands   Fear deafened our ears Greed filled our hearts While power kept them pumping   We came to … Continue reading

Just She

No divine God is she Nor gospel or ruler Only a smile from the heart when a smile is needed A root in the tree of knowledge with branches that reach out to all The sparkle in crystal clear water that gives us life A deep breath of air to calm us The land that … Continue reading

Onion Code

  Onion Code   Rejection sticks A wound fixed in the heart Never forgotten As he stuffs groceries in a bag He doesn’t think about rejection and Where it got him He is here now He won’t say anything about the free onion…it’s our secret Nor will he describe the layers of odourless hell that … Continue reading

Goat Herders

Two redheads selling white male privilege bestsellers in the United States and Oz hitting number one toiling hatred orators of propaganda and loathing pinning their fear on the lapels of the vulnerable bit like yellow stars of old patches of fabric with no starry night beauty no promise of kindness on the mistral just bitter … Continue reading