Rock Climbing


There I was reaching the summit where the sun laughed across rocky outcrops. Scattering sparkling giggles of dew upon the grass. My hands reaching out to grasp a branch, a strong arm saying “grab hold I won’t let you fall.” My fingers stretching outward into the splinter sinews of forever. I felt safe and thought yes I’ll make it. Held tight in the clasp of strong bark hands that pulled me upward. The sea breeze cradling my body, smoothing over my face whispered “all will be well” secrets into my ear. I ignored the crashing waves shaping the stones beneath me, foaming over the sweetness of words that fell so easily into an underlying furore. Focusing on the picture above me, following the circular glow from the lighthouse that swished across the darkness I didn’t want to see. And as one rock broke free beneath my foot toppling down within echoes, the branch broke free of its roots, those bark hands once so strong, crumbling… I fell. Down into the whirlpool opening up beneath me. Swallowing the sweet words, taking away the sun, drowning the laughter and consuming the cliff face. Leaving me balancing, upon the first stepping stone. Watching as a mountain grew. A bellowing of rock screaming up into the darkness.


upon the night sky

glittering diamantes

join the dots puzzle



Written for dverse poetics Summit in Sight


11 thoughts on “Rock Climbing

  1. This made me realize that sometimes mountains are not as steady as we think they are; they are also moving, changing their presence as the earth moves ~ I would love to see the creation of a mountain ~

    Love your haiku: glittering diamantes

    Thanks for joining us Di~

  2. I love the lighthearted trusting nature in this and those whispered words in your ear but we really can’t take anything for granted I suppose. Even that sturdy mountain is constantly moving and shifting and we along with it sometimes. So nice to see you again, Di!
    Gayle ~

  3. Not nearly as trustworthy as they look, are they? I don’t think i’d climb at night though. I prefer a nice snapshot from afar now days. Thanks, that was quite a scary tale.

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