Everywhere Man Wearing Sydney Swan Socks

He’s the I’ve been everywhere man
a portly fellow, dressed in a flannelette shirt and shorts
and pulled up Sydney Swan’s socks
with Dunlop Volley’s on his feet
“How ya goin love?” he asks as I walk by
“Very well, and you?”
“Well it hasn’t rained,” he said.
he’s like the Aussie Santa Clause, white hair and beard
slowly shuffling along the beach with his mate
a red wiry haired terrier, they make a gorgeously tattered pair
his old banged up Ute tows a multi stickered 70’s caravan
mapped with the colour of his life
not the trendy grey nomad, a modern day swaggie
who gets by on the simple things
warming himself with a cuppa, on cool autumn morning
how I envy his life, his knowledge, his stories
I wonder where he’s been, what he’s seen
I regret not speaking with him longer
everywhere man wearing the Sydney Swan’s socks.


8 thoughts on “Everywhere Man Wearing Sydney Swan Socks

  1. Loved ur poem ~ vivid scenes & images ~ flannel shirt & ‘ my everyday man’! Simpler life found in an extraordinary time! So many fight for greed/money ~ almighty possession

  2. very cool…love people like him..think it’s not an easy life but one that would give material for hundreds of poem…you captured him so well..

  3. There are a million words in there that I have never heard of – and yet I have such a clear picture of this man… a real tribute to the quality of the description.

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