Photo by Dianne Turner



They told you, you’d get hurt

but like a butterfly

dangling in the summer sun

you waited for your delicate wings

to burn


you were not disappointed


sitting there looking so fragile

your papery wings failing

thinking yourself



like one of those girls

who end up

with colours fading

while life

goes on around them


a fantasy contrived


butterflies never hide

not even from storms – how could they

always carried away by cyclones

fighting on the periphery

floating in the eye

regaining strength

for the finale



into blue skies



and you

in your elusive disguise

were never in any doubt

about the steps

were you


11 thoughts on “Exposed

  1. first, i love butterflies…little sky dancers…
    and there is always the danger of getting hurt…
    of getting caught up int he wind storm…
    but then again, the option is not to dance.

  2. really like how you used so many excellent examples of imagery here, both physical and emotional. Also, especially like how you tied a bigger picture, metaphor in, woven all along subtly, yet grows right at the end. Really nicely done here. And funny thing, had a snowstorm pass through today here, really wish we had some butterflies around about now:)

  3. Dianne, now, I call that serendipitous, how weird you and I both wrote about the butterfly. They are such fragile creatures, and it is so sad to see what is happening to them. A delicate write.


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